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Bathroom Accessories

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The right bathroom accessories (or bathroom accessories set) will help to enhance a space with an eye-opening aesthetic appeal while providing pleasing practicality and functionality. There should be a broad range of bathroom accessories on offer to enable you to colour coordinate your products and enrich your overall bathroom space. 

Our Bathroom Accessories Range 

ABI offers a broad variety of appealing bathroom accessories (including bath accessories) that can help define your space. We offer everything from robe hooks, toilet roll holders to towel rails and shower shelves. 

We have toilet roll holders that will seamlessly integrate into your space and have been designed for easy functionality, too, while our resourceful toilet brush holders come in seven finishes to match easily.  

Our multipurpose holders have been designed for superb multifunctionality and can be equally colour-coordinated. They can be mounted either vertically or horizontally and can be used to store multiple toilet rolls, paper towels or serve as a convenient hand towel holder. Also, check out our range of hand towel holders.

For larger towel hanging convenience, we have our single towel rails that come in two different designs: our Cali Single Towel Rails and Otto Single Towel Rails.

For multiple towel holding conveniences, browse our Vaada Double Towel Rail and our Cali Double Towel Rails. We also offer heated towel rails like our commendable Otto that comes in seven stunning finishes that will easily add elegance to your bathroom.  

Our range of hand towel holders includes our Otto Hand Towel Holders, the Cali Hand Towel Holder and our elegant Vaada Hand Towel Holders.

You will be able to add additional elegance to your bathroom with our series of towel hooks that also include Otto, Cali and Vaada designs. These will all make the perfect bathroom accessories set.

Shower shelves and soap bottle holders are something we specialise in too. They are available in four and six finishes respectively, to aesthetically enrich your bath accessories. 

Bathroom Accessories FAQs 

Can any of your mountable bathroom accessories be installed on glass?


Unfortunately, our bathroom accessories haven’t been designed to be installed on glass and therefore wouldn’t be suitable for this purpose.

What is the maximum weight that your fixtures can take?

The maximum weight that your particular bathroom accessory product can take would greatly depend on the type of structure that you are securing your fixings to within the wall. As a consequence, we cannot advise on specifics regarding loading weight.  

Assistance with Purchasing Bathroom Accessories

Sometimes accessories can make all the difference in a bathroom. For assistance with purchasing the right bathroom accessories (or bath accessories), contact our team here

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