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Shower Heads

Our range of shower heads come in round and square designs to help define your bathroom space.

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Taking a shower can kickstart your day by revitalising your muscles to help you feel energised. However, sometimes you need a shower rose that provides a unique showering experience. 

Our Shower Heads Range

We offer a wide range of shower heads for sale, available both online and in-store. We consider these to be among the best shower heads.  All of our shower heads are made from solid brass and our round shower heads have 180 rubberised water outlets that provide consistency, vibration absorption, and reassuring insulation.

In addition, our high-pressure shower heads have a finely distributed water system that gives you complete coverage during your wash to ensure you always maintain efficient water usage.

Please Note: our shower rose range includes both rain shower heads and hand showers.


Rain Shower Heads

Our rain shower heads include our sophisticated Shower Head Round. They offer a unique showering experience that replicates the feeling of showering in the rain. If you want to add some traditional elegance to your bathroom, consider our Kingsley Shower Head Round with its subtle ornate detailing. 

Handheld Shower Heads 

We have an attractive range of handheld shower heads to meet your bathroom requirements. Our Rounded Rectangular Hand Shower brings together superior quality and refinement, while our 3-Function Round Hand Shower is a medium-sized shower head with a modern circular design. For a more traditional hand shower that brings a touch of French provincial style into the bathroom, consider our Kingsley Hand Shower


Round Shower Heads 

Available in six unique finishes, our Shower Head Round is a premium bathroom shower head ideal for giving your space an elegant look.


Our Shower Rose Colour Range 

Our shower roses come in colours that accommodate various personal preferences. 

Our Rounded Rectangle Hand Showers (or handheld shower heads) come in various colourways too. This includes brushed brass, brushed nickel, brushed copper, brushed gunmetal, white, and matte black.

Our 3-Function Round Hand Showers are available in a more comprehensive colour range that includes brushed nickel, brushed brass, brushed copper, and brushed gunmetal. We also range matte black and white to accomplish a minimalist aesthetic for your modern shower head.
ABI Interiors' elegant Kingsley Shower Head Round is available in brushed brass, matte black, and brushed nickel. 

Shower Heads FAQs

Are shower rose fittings universal? 

The shower dropper or arm that protrudes from your ceiling or wall screws into your shower rose and is universal throughout Australia. Consequently, you only need to decide whether you want to have a fixed shower head or a handheld shower when purchasing your new bathroom shower head online.

What should I look for when buying a shower head? 

From a design perspective, this is entirely down to personal preference. However, various practical considerations should be evaluated when looking to buy a shower head. The first should be determined by what type of showering experience you are after. Shower heads can either be mounted, handheld, or have dual functionality. Our Finley Shower Rail Sets provide this combined functionality for those who are seeking complete convenience.

Ease of installation should be another deciding factor. Our shower roses have a standard-size fitting to ensure easy installation or a convenient direct swap. 

How to clean your shower head? 

Clogging shower roses can restrict water flow, which has a major impact on the effectiveness of your showering experience. To prevent residue build-up, you should clean your shower rose weekly with warm soapy water and a microfibre cloth. 

Where to mount a shower head?

Shower heads should be positioned to direct water toward the body rather than the face. Unlike traditional ceiling-mounted shower heads, handheld heads can be installed at practically any reachable height. Although this should be determined by the height of the primary user or users, it is generally advisable to install your new shower head no higher than two metres from your bathroom floor.   

Can your shower heads fall from the ceiling?

If you’d prefer your shower head to hang from the ceiling, you will need to purchase a shower dropper instead of a shower arm that attaches your shower head to the wall.

Assistance with choosing Shower Heads

Get in touch with our friendly team of experts, who are ready to help with your bathroom shower head purchase by emailing [email protected]
Also, check out our shower set checklist to ensure you have all the necessary parts for your bathroom.

All ABI Interiors' shower tapware is fully compatible with our shower rose range. Consider purchasing our Finley Shower Rail Set, which features all the necessary components for a straightforward installation.

Please Note: this set does not include a mixer. However, you can purchase one separately from our shower mixer selection

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