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ABI stocks a stunning range of unique colours such as brushed brass tapware, matte black tapware, copper tapware, gunmetal tapware, brushed nickel tapware, rose gold tapware and white tapware.

ABI’s tapware is made of either 2 materials solid brass or stainless steel. For each material the construction and colouring process is different. Solid brass tapware is coated with ABI’s (AEA) advanced electroplating method. Stainless steel tapware is coated with ABI’s (heat shield). Both finishes are extremely durable and designed for long-term lifespan. ABI offers a minimum 5 years warranty on all tapware. Browse our range of basin mixers, shower mixers, handheld shower heads, wall mounted taps, bottle trap wastes and shower arm fittings.

Brushed Brass Tapware – A brass colour with fine dark grains running through for the perfect blend of natural feel and sophistication

Copper Tapware – A deep earthy colour designed to represent the real raw material is brushed form. Brushed copper is timeless, modern and suitable for many applications in your home.

Matte Black Tapware – The up and coming staple in the everyday home, matte black is the new chrome.

Gunmetal Tapware – A brushed darkened steel designed for ultimate sophistication.

Brushed Nickel Tapware – Brushed nickel can be referred to as brushed chrome, brushed steel or stainless steel finished tapware. A great option for those wanting a conservative yet unique finish in their home.

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