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Matte Black Tapware

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Matte Black Tapware

Matte black tapware can help define the home. Browse our wide selection of matte black taps, mixers and spouts.

Buy Matte Black Tapware online  

Matte black tapware (or black tapware) can provide a compelling contrast to conventional chrome. Pleasingly contemporary, the right black tapware helps to define spaces with its aesthetic brilliance and versatility. 

Our Matte Black Tapware range  

We offer a broad range of matte black tapware that enriches bathroom, kitchen and laundry spaces. 

Our black kitchen taps (or black mixer taps) include our elegant Elysian Kitchen Mixer, which has been designed to upgrade contemporary kitchens. Modern and sleek, with a smooth gooseneck spout, this swivel kitchen mixer (aka black kitchen tap or black kitchen tapware) comes with precise temperature and pressure control. It can be used as a black laundry tap too. We also range a highly functional black pull-out kitchen tap, which is our Elysian Commercial Pull-Out Kitchen Mixer

A striking square-shaped spout defines the Eden Square Kitchen Mixer and as a black kitchen mixer tap (or black mixer tap) its modern look will effortlessly enhance your space. For a wall-mounted swivel spout that’s versatile enough to function in both the bath and basin sink, the Gooseneck Swivel Wall Mounted Bath Spout is the perfect solution. Its smooth swivel function enables you to easily adjust the position and free up access to your bathtub or sink. Alternatively, the Oscar Floor Mounted Bath Filler combines elegance and functionality in your bathroom.  

For a stylish black basin mixer, why not consider our Milani Matte Black Basin Mixer and for smaller bathrooms or washrooms we also range a Mini Wall-Mounted Spout.

If you are looking for black bathroom taps then we have an appealing selection to choose from that will enhance your space in different ways. The Milani Assembly Taps are smooth in design, our Cross Assembly Taps have a more vintage aesthetic, while our Barre Assembly Taps provide a minimalist look. They would all be suitable for black bath taps, black shower taps or for black basin taps. 

ABI also features sets that incorporate these distinctive tap designs with a smooth spout in matte black. This includes our Cross Assembly Taps and Spout Set, Barre Assembly Mixer and Spout Set and Milani Progressive Mixer and Spout Set

If you would like to incorporate a flush backplate to your set then consider the appealing Cross Progressive Wall Mounted Set, the Barre Progressive Wall Mounted Set or the Milani Progressive Wall Mounted Set

Matte Black Tapware FAQs

How durable is matte black tapware compared to other finishes?

Matte black tapware is a very durable finish that, akin to chrome, has an Advanced Electroplating Application (AEA) that helps protect the surface from marks and scratches. 

Advanced Electroplating Application (AEA) is a process that uses electrical current to plate one metal upon another metallic surface to create a long-lasting and durable finish. 

Apart from white (PSLT) and chrome (AEA), our other finishes have a Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD). ABI Heat Shield is an industrial-grade molecular-based colouring system that provides a harder, more corrosion-resistant finish whilst remaining environmentally friendly. PVD colouring is an industrial colouring method that uses vacuum and extreme heat to change the colour of the metal, as opposed to covering it with a layer of a particular colour. 

What is the warranty for black tapware (or black taps)?

You can locate the warranty for your specific black tapware in the ‘Product Information’ section on the relevant product page. 

How should I care for my matte black taps?

Please consult our comprehensive Care Guide for how to care for your matte black taps (or black taps).

Does your matte black tapware (or black kitchen tapware) have a PVD finish?

No, all of our matte black tapware have an Advanced Electroplating Application (AEA).

Assistance with Purchasing Matte Black Tapware

If you would like some expert advice with purchasing any black tapware (or matte black tapware), why not speak to our friendly team. They can be contacted directly on +44 2045 389 222. Alternatively, you can send questions or queries via email to: [email protected].   

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