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Our wide range of basins will elevate the function and elegance of your bathroom, with a design to complement any space.

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ABI Interiors offers a diverse selection of vanity basin sinks, which combine outstanding quality with modern design. Our bathroom sinks are crafted from premium materials for durability. While most of our basins are designed to be above-counter, we also offer semi-inset designs, under-counter basins, wall-mounted designs, and freestanding washbasins. 

Our Basins Range

We offer bathroom sinks in four finishes: natural granite, Carrara marble, 304 stainless steel, and solid surface basins. You can choose a bathroom basin to complement your overall bathroom design or as a luxurious accent piece to make a statement. 

Our solid surface bathroom washbasins are engineered using a composite material that is highly resistant to heat and scratching while being easy to clean. These basins are just as elegant as granite and are perfect for a refined, modern design. 

We also stock a range of uniquely coloured bathroom sinks designed to enhance your space. The Willow Basin Sink, Labello Thin Edge, and Celine Basin Sink are available in the shades of almond, posy, and matte white.  

Our washbasins are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit many bathroom spaces, whether you’re seeking a bathroom sink or a cloakroom sink. We offer small, medium-sized, and large basins in square, rectangle, and oval basin designs. 


Pedestal Basins 

In our pedestal basins range, the gently rounded Valenza creates a unique focal point in any space. Its solid surface construction is built for durability, with this non-porous material being resistant to mould, mildew, and bacteria growth. 


Wall-Hung Basins 

Our range of wall-hung basins has been designed to open up your space. The Coco Wall-Mounted Basin features a striking rectangular edge with a round bowl. It has been constructed from man-made composite, which is stronger than natural stone and easy to maintain.  The slimline Centa is perfect for compact bathrooms or cloakrooms, with its organically curved design helping to save space. 


Wall-Mounted Basins 

Esme is a mini wall-mounted cylinder basin, with a minimalistic design that suits many bathroom styles. Its matte white finish adds elegance to your surrounding design while being long-lasting. 


Inset Basins 

Our inset basins include the gently contoured Celine and Kiva, which have been designed to seamlessly blend into your benchtop. They both feature a solid surface construction that will keep them looking new for many years to come. 


Round Basins 

Round basins help create a calming bathroom space with their soft edges and flowing design. Our Lola, Labello, and Celine round sinks each feature a solid surface construction for durability, plus a sleek matte white finish. They are equally as striking as a single feature as they are paired in a shared bathroom. 


Small Basins 

For compact bathrooms or cloakrooms, our small basins are space-saving options. Perfect as toilet basins, our popular wall-mounted options are Capri Mini at 185mm or Vesi at 222mm wide. We also offer the top-mounted mini basin, Bajo, for those who prefer the contemporary design of a round basin but have limited room to work with. 


Stone Basins 

ABI’s stone basins are crafted with granite and Carrara marble and are carefully sealed to offer an organic and long-lasting finish. These materials offer impressive natural strength with minimal maintenance. Our granite basin is available in two colours — black basalt and sesame grey. Saba is our marble sink that instantly adds a sense of luxury to any bathroom design. 


Top-Mounted Basins 

Top-mount basins instantly add interest to the bathroom thanks to their prominent positioning. Our bench-mounted sink range is diverse, with shapes including the round Lola. Our basins are also available in a wide variety of finishes, from matte white to gloss white.  


Under-Mounted Basins 

Our under-mounted basins are designed to sit flush beneath your benchtop, providing a streamlined option that is easy to clean. Our Zuri Undercounter Basin is available in both a rectangular and round design to ensure you can complement the style of any bathroom. Both of these options are available in a matte white finish. 


Stainless Steel Basins 

Our stainless steel basins are handmade and slimline. They are coated using an industrial-grade physical vapour deposition (PVD) electro-colouring system, which provides a hard, corrosion-resistant finish. These basins are also available in various colours, including brushed brass, brushed copper, brushed gunmetal, and stainless steel. Popular designs in this material include our Harlow Round Basin Sink and Silo Wall Mounted Basin.

Basins FAQs

How do I clean bathroom basins?

We recommend cleaning any marks or stains for a solid surface basin as soon as they occur. Clean with warm soapy water or cream-based cleanser with a microfibre cloth to remove most markings. Solid surface is easy to maintain using natural cleaning products. For matte white solid surface products, fine-grade sandpaper can be used to remove stains or markings in some instances. A magic sponge with water is also effective for cleaning your bathroom basin.

For natural stone, seal with a natural stone sealant before first use and repeat if necessary. Regularly clean with a natural detergent or stone soap and thoroughly rinse with clean water. Then, dry the surface with a soft cloth.

How do I choose a bathroom basin?

Your chosen bathroom basin will depend on the theme of your surrounding bathroom design. We offer basins in various contemporary shapes and sizes to suit all preferences and bathroom designs.

Our stone and marble basins, such as Adria and Saba, are inspired by the irregular shapes produced from natural forming stone and are perfect for a luxury bathroom. Our solid surface hand basins, such as Frankie and Labello, offer a sleek and clean design, ideal for a contemporary space.

For a softer bathroom design, we provide a range of circular and round basins that sit above your bench to add a gentle detail to your countertop. We also offer bold rectangular designs, such as Ora, for those who prefer an angular bathroom design.

What is the best material for a bathroom hand basin?

This is entirely down to personal preference. Our bathroom basins come in various materials that include solid surface, natural granite, and stainless steel. All these materials vary in durability and appearance.

How to install a vanity basin

We recommend contacting a professional tradesperson to install a vanity basin. Installation Guides are included with our bathroom basin purchases (see ‘Product Documents’ tab on the product listing page).

Assistance with choosing Basins

There are a variety of factors you should take into consideration before choosing a bathroom washbasin. For personalised advice, speak to one of our friendly team members by contacting us on +44 2045 389222. Alternatively, send an email to [email protected].

You can also book a free bathroom design consultation to discuss your design goals and determine the best basin for your space.

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