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Colour Samples

We understand that there may be a level of uncertainty when purchasing bathroom products online. It’s a big undertaking when you’re deciding the ideal fixtures and fittings for your next interior design project. However, above all else, bathroom renovations should be a positive step forward, rather than a reluctant and uncertain experience.

To ensure you’re entirely confident with buying your ABI products online and to minimise the risk of an incorrect purchase, we offer a comprehensive range of colour samples. Designed to enable you to experience the all-important look and feel of a particular product prior to purchase, these samples provide some invaluable peace-of-mind assurance.

Colour sample range

Are you a little unsure about the finish of our solid brushed brass or stainless steel colour range? Our colour samples come as discs that have been designed to reveal a complete vision of our unique range. They provide pre-purchase confidence in the look and feel of a product.

You can purchase the sample discs individually. However, to gain a greater spectrum of the colours and different types of materials on offer, Colour Sample Packs embrace a comprehensive collection of most of the solid brass and stainless steel range. It’ll bring to life the entire range and provide a clearer picture to help you make the most informed purchasing decision.

The Solid Brass collection includes brushed nickel, matte black, white, brushed brass, brushed gunmetal and brushed copper. In addition, you’ll also find the 304 Stainless Steel collection, which encapsulates brushed brass, brushed gunmetal and brushed copper.

Due to the different nature of the base products, even though they undergo the same colouring process, slight variations are to be expected.

Colour samples will help to eliminate any concerns you may have, by allowing you to focus on making the right decision and get you closer to experiencing your dream bathroom before you purchase.

To gain a unique touch, feel and vision with a product you’re interested in before purchasing, choose from the colour samples below or order a comprehensive colour sample pack.

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