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Freestanding Baths

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Freestanding Baths

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Baths are the focal point of any bathroom and provide comfort after a long, stressful day. Tired muscles and an overworked mind are relieved with this luxurious centrepiece. Bath tubs also have a pleasing aesthetic purpose too that can strengthen your space.

ABI’s range of luxury bathtubs have been designed with innovation in mind. They will easily upgrade any bathroom with their distinctive designs. They come in an array of shapes and sizes that simply defy convention and are available to purchase online.
Benefits of a Freestanding Bath
It’s hard to argue with the beauty of a freestanding bath. They look great in bathroom spaces and their structural qualities provide an intriguing focal point. What’s more, they naturally allow for more light in your space, where floor-to-ceiling windows will complement the ambience greatly.

Due to their freestanding nature and more curvy design, they’re arguably more comfortable and relaxing too, providing great flexibility when bathing. From a practical perspective, you are free to incorporate more creative amenities around them. A bath mountable ledge, for example, would allow body wash, shampoo and any other washing items to be easily accessible, while recessed wall niches work perfectly to ensure storage spaces are close by.
Types of Freestanding Baths
We offer a wide range of contemporary designs to choose from that will instantly transform your bathroom into a relaxing haven. Space is not necessarily going to be a restriction either due to the large selection of differently sized and shaped freestanding baths we have on offer. Each design provides a private and unmistakably relaxing sanctuary, while there are larger stand-alone baths to accommodate you and your loved one too.

From rounded-off rectangles, to smooth oblongs, and more conventionally shaped designs, our impressive free standing bath tubs embrace a variety of aesthetically pleasing shapes and sizes. Whatever you choose, it will add sophistication, distinction and a great deal of personality to your bathroom – creating the perfect centrepiece.
Round Bathtub
The soaking tub takes on an entirely new vibe with our stunning Ukiyo, which is a round bathtub that could also function comfortably as a corner bathtub. A modern bathtub that is ideal for recreating a Day-spa vibe in your home, it has an appealing matte white finish.
Rectangular Bathtub
We also have a range of large bathtubs available in more conventional shapes and sizes. Our solid surface Odelia is an 1800 bathtub that offers oval indulgence. Then there’s the Jadis, an acrylic free standing bathtub that would equally enhance your bathroom space for a luxurious feel too.
2 Person Bathtub

Double bathtubs are becoming increasingly popular in the home and at a comfortable 1800mm our Odelia is certainly one of the best bathtubs for couples. We’ve already mentioned our Jadis, which is a wide 1700 freestanding bath, so it could easily accommodate a couple as well. Generally, any bath over 1700mm would be appropriate for two people.
Solid Surface Vs. Acrylic Construction
ABI’s bath range are constructed from either Solid Surface or Acrylic.

Acrylic construction technology brings the benefits of quality thermal insulation and anti-scratch properties. This provides them with reassuring durability.

Another popular material for bath construction is solid surface. This is largely due to solid surface baths having a smooth texture and heat-retention which means bathing can last longer without the need to add hot water.
Our Sizes
Our freestanding baths for sale range from ones like our Scala, which is a bath 1500 mm in length, (we also range a 1650mm Scala) as well as larger ones. Our big bathtubs include our impressively wide Jadis which is 1700mm and our largest two-person tub, the Odelia, which is 1800mm. Our round freestanding bathtub, the Ukiyo is 1280mm in diameter. We generally don’t range small bathtubs.
Why Choose an ABI Bath?
Our bathroom bathtubs are the ultimate statement for enhancing any bathroom space.
Elegant Design
With style and innovation in mind, our range of modern bathtubs easily upgrades any bathroom with their indulgent designs.
5 Year Warranty
All our solid surface and acrylic freestanding tubs come complete with 5 years structural warranty and 5 years finish/coating warranty. This means you can literally sit back and relax in the assurance that you have purchased one of the best types of bathtubs that were built to last.
Deciding Which Freestanding Bath to Buy
There’s a multitude of solid surface and acrylic baths to choose from. Our Freestanding baths for sale include the oval indulgence of the Odelia, and the Day-Spa vibes of Ukiyo. However, your primary consideration should be how much space you have to accommodate a bath. This will also determine whether you can expand your search to include larger baths like the aforementioned double Odelia, which is an 1800 freestanding bathtub that comfortably fits two.

Our friendly sales team are on hand to help you meet your interior design preferences. You can either visit our showroom or reseller, email us at [email protected] or even book a free design consultation here.
Freestanding Bath FAQs
How to clean a freestanding bath
Solid Surface – Clean any marks or stains as soon as they occur. Solid surface is easy to maintain using natural cleaning products. Apply warm soapy water with a microfibre cloth, which should remove the majority of markings, otherwise use a cream-based cleanser. For matte white solid surface, fine grade sandpaper can be used to remove stains or markings in some instances.

Acrylic Finishes – Again, you should clean any marks or stains as soon as they occur. Clean with warm soapy water and a microfibre cloth to remove markings or a cream-based cleanser.

To retain the finish for longer, avoid using scouring pads or other coarse cloths during cleaning. While nicks, scratches and cuts are inevitable, it is reassuringly easy to renew the finish to its original appearance. For further information, you can download our Care Guide here.
Can you put a bath in a wet room?
Yes, baths are perfectly suited to wet rooms due to their inherent waterproofing and ability to naturally keep wetness contained in one space. In wet rooms, the floors should be sloped to drain water which prevents the build-up of puddles on the floor.
Freestanding bath vs built-in bath
As mentioned, freestanding bathtubs, including freestanding corner baths, have many aesthetic benefits over back to wall bathtubs. They will certainly strengthen your space, particularly when you’d like to define a focal point.

One concern between a freestanding versus a built-in bath is an apparent inability to store handy bathroom amenities. However, this can be overcome with shelving that attaches straight onto the rim of the bath. Another concern is with regards to cleaning which is generally believed to be easier with a built-in bath. However, a freestanding bath ensures that moulding wall grout isn’t an issue due to the fact that the bath isn’t attached to any walls.
Need Assistance Regarding Purchasing a Bath?
Ready and eager to assist, our team is available in-store to help you with your solid surface or acrylic freestanding bath purchase. You can also email at: [email protected] or book a free design consultation here.

Our freestanding bath range is completely compatible with our alluring ABI bathroom tapware too.

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