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Concrete Basins

Create a one-of-a-kind bathroom with a concrete basin.

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Concrete basins offer an opportunity for a unique bathroom design. Each concrete bathroom sink is a little different due to the raw nature of the material, empowering an individualistic quality in your space.

Our Concrete Basins Range

Our Atelis range features round concrete basins in three distinct finishes: matte white, almond, and dark grey, with the colour pigment dispersed throughout the entire product. 

A coloured concrete basin has the potential to lift and liven your space by offering a contemporary point of difference. This widening of available design options is especially advantageous for those who enjoy darker schemes, such as grey bathrooms, as most conventional basins are only offered in white. 

Made from genuine concrete, our concrete bathroom sinks are nano-sealed and tested to ensure they can provide resistance against stains, water absorption, and cracking.

Concrete Basins FAQs

Are your concrete basins durable?

The genuine concrete construction of our concrete basins is extremely durable against wear and tear and has been tested to withstand cracking in drastic temperature fluctuations. Furthermore, the surface has been nano-sealed, which creates a hydrophobic layer that allows water to run off rather than be absorbed into the product.

Do your concrete basins stain easily?

The nano-sealant layer on our concrete basins makes the surface hydrophobic, meaning it repels water. This allows the exterior to remain cleaner for longer as water and its contaminants, such as hair and dirt, can run off easily without getting caught.

What cleaner is recommended for your concrete basins?

Use a mild, natural-based cleaner and avoid abrasive or acidic cleaners.

Will I need to reseal my concrete basin?

To ensure continued protection, it is advised that you reseal your concrete basin every three to six months with a food-safe beeswax, such as Gilly’s Food Safe Wax.

Can I put boiling water into the concrete basin bowl?

Yes, the basin is highly durable and crack resistant. However, we do not recommend leaving boiling water in the bowl.

What wastes are compatible with your concrete basins?

From our offering, the Avi Pop-Up Waste has compatibility with our concrete basins. Please note that it is not included when you purchase a concrete basin; you will need to order one separately. 

However, each concrete basin purchase will include a concrete pop-up lid that matches the finish of the basin. This is a cover that is designed to be screwed onto the body of the Avi.

Assistance with choosing Concrete Basins

For assistance purchasing concrete basins, speak to our friendly team. You can contact us on (07) 5520 2775 or send any enquiries to [email protected].

We deliver concrete basins across Australia, including the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin, and Hobart.

Thoughtfully designed fixtures & fittings

We specialise in high-quality architectural products that unite durability, longevity, and aesthetic form. Thoughtfully designed and developed by our in-house team, we control and maintain an excellent standard of care and precision across our entire range. Our 25-year additional warranty is a testament to this promise.

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