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Filter Taps

Buy Water Filter Taps in UK

Water filter taps or tap water purifiers are all about providing the convenient option of either purified or filtered water in the kitchen. For your kitchen filter water tap, an eco-friendly design should be combined with reassuring durability and an alluring aesthetic that enhances your space.

Our Filter Taps Online

We range 3-way kitchen mixer taps or mixer tap filters that combine an all-in-one design, which truly transforms. Our Elysian Commerical 3-Way Filter Taps are beautifully streamlined and allow you to have both functioning filtered water and conventional cold and hot water by simply pulling a swivel handle.

They are also available in four space transforming colours too. These include brushed brass, brushed copper, brushed gunmetal and stainless steel (as a finish).

Made from 304 stainless steel, our 3-way filter sink mixer taps are also reassuringly durable. They are considered the best tap water filter taps.

FAQs: 3 Way Mixer Taps

What is a kitchen tap filter or faucet filter? 

A kitchen tap filter or water filter for tap in kitchen ensures a more purified drinking water experience. Water filter faucets help to remove lead and limescale for purer and noticeably more refreshed drinking water.

Do your kitchen tap filters include a filter or filter connection fittings?

Please note that our 3-way filter taps don’t include a filtered tap water system. This will need to be purchased separately for the filter tap to function correctly.  

What temperature will the filtered water be?

The filtered water from your three-way tap would be room temperature.

What 3 Way Mixer Tap Would Work In My Space?

Get in touch with our friendly team to help you choose which of our 3-way kitchen taps will instantly enhance your space.

Please email through any questions or queries you may have here: [email protected]


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