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Round Basins

Our round basins bring an alluring focal point into your bathroom or powder room.

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The softly contoured designs of round basins can enhance any bathroom or powder room, whether being incorporated into a traditional or contemporary space. 

Our Round Basins Range

ABI Interiors’ round bathroom basins are constructed from premium quality materials to ensure that you can enjoy their benefits for many years to come. 

Our round bathroom basins are available in a variety of finishes, including solid surface, stone, and stainless steel. This means there’s an option that will complement any design style, whether it be farmhouse, coastal, or Scandinavian.

We also offer several mounting options, including bench-mounted, semi-inset, and wall-mounted round basins.


Bench-Mounted Round Basins

Our bench-mounted basins are designed to sit on top of your vanity as a luxurious focal point within the bathroom.

Lola and Celine are two of our most popular round basins, featuring a minimalistic form and a solid surface construction which makes them extremely durable for years to come. Lola features a 380mm diameter and is available in two classic finishes — matte white and gloss white. Celine is additionally offered in posy and almond with a more generous diameter of 418mm.

Similarly shaped with its aesthetically-appealing curves, the 380mm Bowie Basin Sink is available only in matte white but is distinct in appearance with a sleek black shadow line around the bottom.

Our Miska Thin Edge Basin Sink is another of our bench-mounted round basins, with a slightly different shape to those previously mentioned. Slightly more compact with a 360mm diameter and slimline rim, it smoothly contours down towards a smaller base for a more organic appearance.

For those who prefer a round basin that isn’t perfectly circular, the Willow and Labello Thin Edge Basin Sinks feature an elongated ovular shape. They are equally as durable with a solid surface construction and are available in matte white, posy, and almond.


Semi-Inset Round Basins

Slightly more subtle in appearance, we have designed several round inset basins where half of the basin sits above the bench while the other half sits below.

The Celine Semi-Inset Basin features a 420mm diameter and a matte white, solid surface finish that is easy to maintain. Kiva offers a spacious 600mm length in its elongated, ovular design, perfect for a larger vanity. Both semi-inset basins require a 400mm deep internal carcass clearance during installation.


Stainless Steel Round Basins

Durably constructed with 304 stainless steel, this range of round basins offer a long-lasting choice that will instantly add radiance to your bathroom. 

Harlow is an eye-catching sink with a convenient 400mm diameter, available in brushed brass, brushed copper, brushed gunmetal, and stainless steel finishes to unify with any design scheme. 


Round Stone Basins

To add an element of grandeur to your bathroom, we also offer the Adria Stone Basin. Crafted from natural granite, this round basin features exceptional strength and is low maintenance. 

You can enjoy its satin finish in either sesame grey or black basalt, which we recommend sealing with a natural stone sealer to maintain its beautiful surface for the long term. This basin has a 140mm height and 420mm diameter.


Round Pedestal Basins

The Valenza Pedestal Basin acts as a true hero piece within a residential or commercial space. Perfect for a bathroom, ensuite, powder room, or salon, this floor-mounted design stands alone as an incredibly functional feature.

It boasts an 830mm height and 450mm diameter, with a non-porous solid surface construction that is easy to maintain and resistant to mould, mildew, and bacteria growth.


Mini Round Basins

We also offer several miniature round basins that have been specifically designed for a smaller bathroom, ensuite, or powder room.

The Esme Mini Wall-Mounted Basin provides the benefit of minimalism, with no need to be mounted onto a vanity. Its elevated design adds dimension to your space while featuring a modest 360mm height and 320mm bowl diameter.

Bajo is a mini round basin that is bench-mounted, taking up minimal space while being equally as attractive as our full-sized range. It’s our most compact round basin, with a diameter of 240mm and a height of 120mm.

Both of our mini round basins are designed with a sleek matte white finish and a long-lasting solid surface foundation.

Round Basins FAQs

Are your round basins top-mounted only?

Our round basins come in a range of mounting options, including bench-mounted, semi-inset, and wall-mounted. 

Are round basins practical?

Round basins are very practical, as their classic design has been popular for many years and will remain timeless. They’re also easy to clean, with their curved surface simple to wipe down with no corners for dirt and grime to build up.

Are rectangle or round sinks better?

Both rectangular and round basins have their own benefits.

Round sinks are a time-honoured option that can match nearly any bathroom style and are ideal for smaller spaces thanks to their more compact shape.

The clean lines of square and rectangular basins make them perfect for contemporary bathrooms, and they also hold more water than circular or oval basins of the same width.

Assistance with choosing Round Basins

For assistance purchasing round basins, speak to our friendly team. You can contact them at +44 2045 389 222 or send any queries to [email protected].

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