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Shop by colour to enable you to easily coordinate your stylish kitchen, bathroom or laundry fixtures.

Unsurprisingly, colour is a crucial element when it comes to choosing your new bathroom fixtures and fittings. Shopping by colour and selecting one that naturally aligns with your particular tastes and style is all part of the process of bringing your dream bathroom to life. You may want to refresh your space by evoking subtle elegance or opt for something bold and unique to make a statement.

Whatever your interior design intentions, your next project should be a positive step forward in keeping things pleasingly consistent.

ABI offers an appealing range of colour finishes that embrace a broad spectrum and appeals to an extensive range of tastes. You have the option to shop by colour for all your fixtures and fittings to ensure you maintain pleasing consistency in your bathroom space.

Colour range

Make an impact with our alluring ‘Shop By Colour’ range. A touch of colour can completely transform a bathroom space and at ABI we have some truly appealing finishes to match every design project.

Our comprehensive colour range includes the sophisticated finishes of Brushed Brass, Brushed Gunmetal or Brushed Copper. There’s also the minimalist White or Matte Black or the durability assurance of Brushed Nickel. In addition, you’ll also find the 304 Stainless Steel collection that includes Brushed Brass, Stainless Steel Brushed Copper and Brushed Gunmetal.

Whatever you have planned for your bathroom space, we have alluring Shop By Colour options for you that will truly inspire and bring a breath of fresh air into your interior design.

To gain a unique touch, feel and vision with a product you’re interested in before purchasing, you can order our comprehensive colour sample pack here.

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